This website is for class members in Johnson v. Amgen Boulder Inc., et al., USDC W.D. Wash. No. C95-0204. The case was settled in 1998 and involved investments in a partnership known as Synergen Clinical Partners (SCP). The Settlement provided for three separate distributions to the class should certain criteria be met. Two distributions have already taken place and the criterion for the third, known as the Revenue Payment, has just been met. Those class members who had an interest in SCP (or PW R&D II) as of February 17, 1998, and who did not transfer or otherwise terminate their rights to the contingent payments are entitled to a pro-rata share in the Revenue Payment.

Because of the passage of time, we are currently in the process of verifying the mailing address and other information for some class members prior to distribution.

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Class members are reminded that under the terms of the Settlement Agreement costs and fees associated with locating a class member, including any transferees, may be deducted from that class member's share. The Claims Administrator cannot provide you with legal advice. The Claims Administrator cannot deviate from the court's order.